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Former Wilsonville mayor is all in for Woods

As a past Wilsonville mayor and Clackamas County commissioner, I have often wished we had more representatives in Salem who really understood Oregon’s unique land use laws. Maintaining the livability and unique character of our cities while preserving our rural lands has always been a high priority of mine.

Aaron Woods is a City of Wilsonville planning commissioner who previously served on the development review board. He understands on a deep level the importance of balancing goals like agriculture, natural resources, and housing needs while emphasizing citizen participation. He is committed to careful planning, housing affordability, and preserving our livability.

As a member of the Clackamas Community College board and local, state and national committees, Aaron is an expert in workforce development and career and technical education. He sees education as a preschool through post-high school continuum. He’s committed to providing multiple affordable pathways to family wage careers, while fulfilling the workforce needs of our communities.

After an outstanding career in IT, he’s working hard to improve internet access for all. Aaron understands the challenges Senate District 13 faces and will serve us well in the Oregon Legislature. Please join me in voting for Aaron Woods.

Charlotte Lehan, City Councilor, Wilsonville

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Woods the best choice for Senate District 13

Aaron Woods is the real deal.

In over 24 years in Wilsonville, Aaron Woods has become well-known as a hard-working, affable and respected member of the community. He listens carefully and contributes significantly. A member of the development review board and then the planning commission, as well as the board of Clackamas Community College, he was a 2021 finalist for Wilsonville Citizen of the Year and is co-chair of Wilsonville Alliance for Inclusive Communities (WAIC). He has had a long career in senior management at Tektronix and Xerox Corp.

Aaron’s background and life experiences include his education in Chicago’s technical high schools, his U.S. Army service in the field of digital communications, his work for CompTIA to develop and certify digital skills as a part of a global system of education and certification for PC technicians (recognized by the Internet Hall of Fame), and work for Digitunity to broaden computer access. His is deeply committed to helping provide opportunities for success to all.

In short, the life experience, education, achievements, record of public service, and expertise of Aaron Woods equip him to provide uniquely valuable service representing State Senate District 13 in Salem.

Kate Greenfield, Wilsonville

Aaron Woods will lead in the Senate

It’s a pleasure knowing Aaron Woods and supporting him for Senate District 13.

He and I both value community service — he’s a Wilsonville planning commissioner, serves on the Clackamas Community College board and co-chairs the Wilsonville Alliance for Inclusive Community. We also share a background in information technology.

Coupled with his MBA and solid financial management skills, he is well prepared to follow through on his priorities, including housing affordability, lowering costs and improving access to services for seniors, healthcare, affordable pathways to good jobs, protecting our environment, with an added focus on equity for all he serves.

Aaron Woods is the well-rounded, committed leader we need to serve Senate District 13, and all of Oregon!

Elaine Swyt, Wilsonville

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Woods for economy, livability and education

As a King City resident and with a long career in business, I’m very impressed with Aaron Woods’ credentials. He has the work experience that will make him invaluable as a state senator from our District 13. Aaron has a long background in IT as a senior executive with Techtronix and Xerox as well as being on the boards of Clackamas Community College and Digitunity. He will also bring much needed expertise in land use, planning, and development, to protect our communities thanks to his service as a Wilsonville planning commissioner. and prior to that, being on the Wilsonville Development Review Board. Woods also brings expertise in management and financial skills that will be so important in handling our state’s budget revenues and expenditures. He is already reaching out to leaders to assure that the appropriate planning is in place to assure we maximize federal infrastructure funding. In a world that has become so polarized, Aaron Woods seeks to help our state of Oregon work better and more efficiently to help all people by working to establish a digital equity officer within the broadband office to serve as coordinator for all state-level strategies and programs to focus on achieving affordable broadband services, access to devices, and the needed training to use them. Along with his work skills, Aaron is a kind, honest, compassionate family man. Recently retired, he has the time, energy, skill set, and determination to work hard for his constituents and all the people in our beautiful state.

Linda Cahan, King City

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Servant-leader Aaron Woods has outstanding breadth

I’m supporting Aaron Woods for state senator because of the breadth of his leadership, experience, skills and knowledge, and his selfless commitment to serving others.

As a retired IT executive with an MBA, Aaron is skilled in finance and business. He’s truly a servant-leader, serving as a Wilsonville planning commissioner and on many civic and charitable boards.

Aaron is experienced in government at all levels, active with community college boards and committees at the local, state, and national levels. He’s already proactively reached out to leaders, so that planning is in place for federal Infrastructure funds, to improve Internet access statewide. Because of his experience in government and advocacy, he will hit the ground running as a senator.

As Past President of Oregon School Boards Association, I know the importance of a non-siloed approach to education. Aaron collaborates throughout the education spectrum in creating pathways to great jobs, a strong workforce, and improving our economy. He delivers, overseeing hundreds of CTE, internship/apprenticeship, STEM, healthcare, business and other community college programs.

Aaron is a veteran, from a union family, and is a husband, father and grandfather. He has an authentic commitment to equity and will serve us well.

Betty Reynolds, West Linn

Woods offers well-rounded experience for Senate

We need Aaron Woods as our state senator — someone who understands how government works from day one.

Woods serves on Wilsonville’s planning commission, on the Clackamas Community College board, and many other boards and committees. He’s built experience on how government works and how to make things happen.

Equally valuable, he has business experience, with a career in IT. Woods is a well-rounded citizen who volunteers regularly in the community.

A deciding factor in my choice on this important vote is the clarity of Woods’ stated goals: technical education, high speed internet for all, affordable housing, and integrated senior services. These goals show an understanding of future challenges in keeping us economically viable and employed, which is important in keeping society stable.

Woods understands the importance of tech ed for those not going to four-year college, thus ensuring them the dignity of work; the significance of high-speed internet to keep folks current with today’s world; and the necessity of affordable housing to keep people safe and off the streets. Comprehensive senior services are a must with the huge aging population.

I urge people to cast their vote for Aaron Woods, a candidate who will legislate with clarity for us all.

Susan Reep, Wilsonville

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Aaron Woods is best for the environment

When opening the Voters’ Pamphlet, I look first at a candidate’s endorsements. And as I worry about our climate, wildlife and environment, one of the first endorsers I look for is the OLCV, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

OLCV’s mission is “to protect Oregon’s natural legacy, elect pro-environment candidates, and hold our elected officials accountable.”

OLCV has endorsed only one of the Democrats running to represent us as state senator for the new Senate District 13: Aaron Woods.

This is not surprising. Aaron Woods is a strong proponent of expanding fast Internet across our communities, including rural areas. Often this allows someone to work from home, taking one more car off our clogged (and polluting) highways.

He advocates for increased middle housing and other housing affordability solutions, allowing people to live closer to where they work and reducing the pressure for more sprawl invading our open spaces and wildlife.

Along with the best policies, he has the right background in business and technology to get smart, practical stuff done in Salem.

We need to live more in harmony with nature. We need Aaron Woods.

Jane Bicquette, Sherwood

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Education advocate says Woods is best choice for Senate

For over a decade, I have been deeply committed to the success of Oregon’s students. I served as a three-term board member of the Tigard-Tualatin School District and currently serve on the Oregon School Boards Association Board as Immediate Past President.

When the pandemic hit and students were required to learn remotely, digital access was essential. Aaron Woods has been an advocate for broadband access and digital inclusion long before it was a necessity. Aaron recognizes the links between strong internet access and digital literacy; Aaron will make that a priority to ensure our students and those seeking jobs are well equipped and prepared for the marketplace.

Aaron serves as a community college board member and is active on several committees at the local, state, and national levels providing affordable pathways to family wage jobs and advocating for high school opportunities like advanced placement and career-technical education (CTE) courses.

Aaron understands the importance of connecting Oregon’s K-12 and higher education systems, so opportunity and success are accessible to our high school graduates. He’s an experienced advocate who will hit the ground running in Salem.

Join me in voting for Aaron Woods as our state senator.

Maureen Jefvert Wolf
Immediate Past-President, Oregon School Boards Association
Board of Directors member, Northwest Regional Education
ServicDistrict – Board of Directors

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