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I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you who helped us get this campaign to this point. Early results are positive, but we are still awaiting more count totals. Over the past 6 months, I have heard from thousands of you regarding what type of Oregon you want to see for your I know that we can work towards a better Oregon together.

Get your ballots in for the election tonight by 8pm or postmarked today to be received via the mail and counted.

Follow the link on our website voter information page to see results for your county.

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Voter Information

Voter Information Ballots must be received prior to 8pm on May 17, 2022. We encourage you to drop off your ballot to an official ballot box as soon ...

Join us tonight between 7:45 and 9:30 for a Virtual Election Night Celebration! Bring your favorite beverage to help us toast the results. Feel free to pop in for a minute or the entire night.
No formal scheduled program, just a fun night to recognize all the hard work we have done and plan... for the hard work ahead.

Today is Primary Election Day! Get your ballots to the dropbox by 8pm or postmarked by today to have your vote counted. I'll be out knocking on doors, making calls, and encouraging those to get their ballots completed all day.

We are closing in on the final 24 hours to get your ballots for the primary election completed and submitted. Ballots are due tomorrow, Tuesday May 17th by 8pm in the dropbox. For the first time statewide, ballots that are postmarked by tomorrow will also be counted.

Complete your ...ballot. Every vote will matter and there are significant policy decisions that deserve to have your voice heard! Call, write and text your friends! Get them to complete their ballots.

Together we can win this for a strong future!

So humbled to have all the support from neighbors throughout the District 13 community. Thank you for supporting our campaign for State Senate District 13.

My heart goes out to the victims and families of the mass shooting in Buffalo by a White Supremacist. Per the New York Times, eleven of the victims were Black, two were white. The is a tragic reminder of the need for tolerance, strong sanctions against hate crimes, and common-sense gun ...legislation!

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The Morning: Mass shooting in Buffalo

A gunman embracing a white supremacist ideology opened fire yesterday afternoon at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood of Buffalo,...

Beaverton Valley Times


As a King City resident and with a long career in business, I'm very impressed with Aaron Woods' ...credentials. He has the work experience that will make him invaluable as a state senator from our District 13. Aaron has a long background in IT as a senior executive with Techtronix and Xerox as well as being on the boards of Clackamas Community College and Digitunity.

He will also bring much needed expertise in land use, planning, and development, to protect our communities thanks to his service as a Wilsonville planning commissioner. and prior to that, being on the Wilsonville Development Review Board. Woods also brings expertise in management and financial skills that will be so important in handling our state's budget revenues and expenditures. He is already reaching out to leaders to assure that the appropriate planning is in place to assure we maximize federal infrastructure funding.

In a world that has become so polarized, Aaron Woods seeks to help our state of Oregon work better and more efficiently to help all people by working to establish a digital equity officer within the broadband office to serve as coordinator for all state-level strategies and programs to focus on achieving affordable broadband services, access to devices, and the needed training to use them.

Along with his work skills, Aaron is a kind, honest, compassionate family man. Recently retired, he has the time, energy, skill set, and determination to work hard for his constituents and all the people in our beautiful state.

Linda Cahan, King City

Benjamin Banneker – A Hero Forgotten in Time

By |February 6th, 2022|Categories: articles of interest|

It is unfortunate that Benjamin Banneker, an African American who contributed so much to the early history of this country, is not known by many people. Article written by Aaron Woods ,co-founder and co-chair of the Wilsonville Alliance for Inclusive Community. Published in Wilsonville Spokesman 2.2.22

CompTIA Appreciates Aaron Woods, its First African-American Board Member

By |February 5th, 2022|Categories: articles of interest|

This Black History Month, CompTIA notes the contributions of Aaron Woods, director of U.S. solutions providers, relationship and partners at Xerox and the first African-American member of the CompTIA Board of Directors. Woods is an ardent supporter of TechVoice – CompTIA’s public advocacy grass roots network – and the IT industry.

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