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Today we celebrate and recognize the immensely rich culture and heritage of our Native American communities. We recognize the difficult history of the past and choose to make sure that their voices are heard, and customs are protected into the future. As your Senator for District 13, I am ...committed to finding opportunities and eliminating barriers for all who call our state home. To celebrate Native American day, I encourage you to learn about the Tribes and Confederations that live throughout your communities.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. I am thankful to all of you and look forward to the coming year.

Today we recognize all of our service men and women who have committed to protecting our country from our adversaries both near and far. As a fellow veteran, to those who have served in the past, and to those who are serving today, I admire and salute each of you.

Thank you.

We did it! This race has been called and I am honored to represent you as your next State Senator for District 13. We began this race over a year ago because we wanted to have strong schools and opportunities for a stronger future. It’s an honor of a lifetime to be elected to serve my We are tired of the growing divisiveness in our politics and want our leaders to work towards real solutions that will be beneficial to our communities. I want to thank everyone who helped our campaign over the last year and helped us to get over the finish line. With all of you behind me, we will make Oregon a place where all can succeed.

Today is Election Day. We have the opportunity to choose our representatives at the local, state and national level for Oregon. We must elect leaders who will work for you, who stand up for truth and transparency, and will collaborate and communicate to find solutions that will help us in our ...daily lives. If you haven't already turned in your ballot you have until 8pm to drop it off at an official drop box, or to get a postmark from the post office in order for your ballot to count.

Today I ask for your vote as your next State Senator for District 13.

Vote now! Don't wait. This is a critical election in the direction of our state. I am running to represent you in the State Senate, because I believe we have the opportunities to make District 13 stronger than ever. I believe in being a servant leader and will work hard to ensure we have ...all of our voices heard in Salem. Vote today!

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