I do not support tolling at the Boone Bridge.

The Boone Bridge is key to all Wilsonville residents going back and forth to Charbonneau. I do not support the proposal by ODOT for tolling at the Boone Bridge and will be an advocate for ODOT to find another solution to the congestion in our communities.

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Happy Labor Day

This weekend we celebrate Labor Day to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. Happy Labor Day!

2022-09-17T20:00:50+00:00September 3rd, 2022|news|

Canvassing with Courtney Neron

It was great joining with Aaron Woods for State Senate to Canvass this weekend! Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who spent the afternoon having great conversations with our constituents.

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AG-PAC Endorses Aaron

Oregon has always been a leader in the agricultural industry. With strong generational farming, and sustainable practices to ensure that our agricultural industry is healthy for our future. I know how valuable these lands are to our District and our State. That's why I believe it is important that we protect these lands from climate impacts, and other environmental contaminants, zoning changes that cause the removal of agricultural protections, and to encourage new agricultural opportunities throughout the state. That is why I have also earned the endorsement of the AG-PAC. If you value the beauty and bounty of Oregon's agricultural lands like I do, I ask for your vote for Aaron Woods for State Senate District 13.

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Aaron Woods Meets Leaders State-wide at Wayne Morse Gala.

I think it is critically important that our elected leaders spend time with leaders in communities throughout the state.

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Aaron Meets with business and community leaders at the Sherwood Wine Festival.

Had a great time attending the Sherwood Wine Festival hosted by the Rotary Club of Sherwood

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Presidential Awards Dinner at Clackamas Community College

  This event celebrated our most valued partners who have a commitment to community and the support of higher education.

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We Are in the Final Stretch! Join Us for Primary Night Watch Party. Begins at 7:45.

We can’t rest now!!! Call your neighbors, friends and family and make sure that they have completed their ballots for Aaron Woods. Neighbors, elected officials, industry leaders and many of our critical union and political groups have endorsed Aaron Woods for State Senate District 13. Thank you! I want to start off saying THANK YOU to all who have supported this campaign. From placing a yard sign, knocking on doors, donating, helping with our texting campaign, hosting or attending a community meeting and meet & [...]

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Gun Violence is on the rise across our country. I support common sense gun legislation.

I have seen first-hand the impact that gun violence can have on a community. Gun violence is again on the rise throughout the country. I believe in common sense gun laws that work to make Oregonians safer.

2022-05-17T02:23:54+00:00May 17th, 2022|Latest News, news|

Aaron meets with King City residents.

This past week we held our Meet the Candidate event in King City.

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