We can’t rest now!!!

Call your neighbors, friends and family and make sure that they have completed their ballots for Aaron Woods.

Neighbors, elected officials, industry leaders and many of our critical union and political groups have endorsed Aaron Woods for State Senate District 13.

Thank you!

I want to start off saying THANK YOU to all who have supported this campaign. From placing a yard sign, knocking on doors, donating, helping with our texting campaign, hosting or attending a community meeting and meet & greet, it has all made a tremendous difference in getting the word out and letting our neighbors know why I am running and what this campaign is about.

Over the past couple of months I have spoken with thousands of our community members. I have heard from so many that you want good jobs and to provide opportunities for a better future. This is why I have advocated for expanded high-speed internet services and Career and Technical Education programs. I know that we can create the opportunities to allow for our residents to find good paying jobs, and to encourage businesses to call our communities home.

I have heard that you are concerned about increased density and traffic congestion. My experience on the Development Review Board and the Planning Commission in Wilsonville have allowed me to see how different types of developments can impact our communities both in positive and negative ways.

I know that we have strong communities of mature ages in King City, Charbonneau and throughout District 13. I want to be sure that we are providing digital connectivity to these communities, as well as advance preparation for extreme weather events that cause an acute impact to this population who may not have the resources to protect themselves from extreme heat and extreme cold.

I will protect our environment, our parks, and our trails, because they make the livability and beauty of our District a wonderful place for us to call home.

I am driven to this position because I believe we need servant leaders who will listen to the voters, find common sense solutions, be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, and work to make our communities better every day. I am so honored that you have supported me and this campaign.

I am asking you to call your neighbors, friends and family to make sure they have completed their ballots and submitted them, either to a dropbox or to the post office by Tuesday, May 17th.

This year, for the first time in Oregon, they will be accepting ballots that are postmarked by election night. We may not know the results of the election on Tuesday, but we can be sure to get every vote we can by reaching out to our networks and ensure that they have voted.

Thank you again for your support.

Aaron Woods, Candidate for State Senate, District 13

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